E-Commerce Site Launch

Here are the recorded lessons about this program covering:

  • Develop a business model, project plan, financial plan, and business registration process.
  • Content build-up (products, services, suppliers, partners, policies)
  • Platform build-up (e-commerce system, payment integration, logistics, distribution)
  • Internet marketing and advertising program
  • Community development.
  • Performance monitoring

State of E-Commerce in the Philippines

E-Commerce Introduction

E-Commerce Platform Comparison

E-Commerce and Digital Marketing Metrics


For the tasks, participants are expect to do the following:

1. Create your own Porter Gale Funnel

2. Create a Business Model Canvas

3. Create a Customer Empathy Map

4. Website content plan

5. Project timeline (phase)

6. Financial plan

7. Digital marketing metrics

8. Create your E-Commerce Site

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