Digital Marketing Policies

Digital Marketing Entrepreneurs need to be aware of various advertising regulations that may affect on how they conduct business. This includes:

1. Selling of gift certificates can not have an expiration date. What is only excluded are those that are covered under a special promotion that may have come as a value added or free.

2. Only registered business can do sales promotions, with or without purchase required. This should be applied at least one month before the actual conduct of the promotion. It must be supported by relevant documents that will assert a well organized campaign and will be able to deliver its promise to the participants of the promotion.

3. Companies that conduct sales promotion without permit or may have done neglect in the course of its promotion can be contacted by the consumer for resolution of the issue. However, complaints can also be elevated to the government for resolution.

4. E-commerce site owners are expected to practice fair and truthful advertising. It will also be responsible in the handling of customer data gathered through promotions or sales. It will also set up a help desk to resolve customer complaints.

5. In the online world, as well as the offline world, the Consumer Act of the Philippines provided guidelines how products and services should be advertise. This includes being wary on misleading advertisement such as superlative claims where products or services or individuals claim to be “#1″ without disinterested parties’ study supporting the claim.

It is important for entrepreneurs to be familiar of existing advertising regulations and be wary of doing any promotion practice deemed as unethical by Internet marketing organizations.

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